1 run down…

Hello! Thanks for joining me on my training journey to a half marathon. Are you on the side that thinks I’m nuts or the side that’s already done multiple half marathons and you’re now training for your fourth full marathon? No matter what side you fall to, I appreciate you taking time to read yet another running mom’s blog.

Yesterday was my first run of the new year. I went in thinking 1.5 miles would be no problem at a decent speed. Silly, naive, me. It was a painful 1.5 and it was at a slower pace than I had hoped. However, I got done and felt like I had conquered the world. That’s the feeling that keeps me going. I love the high I get from accomplishing a goal, whether it be a 1.5 mile run or a 13. 1 mile run. (Eesh, I’ve got a ways to go.)

Tomorrow marks my first early morning run. I don’t enjoy getting up early but if I don’t get my workout in before the day starts, I’ll never last through 19 more weeks of this. The forecast tells me to bundle up for my drive to the fitness center as it will be -12 out. Oh, Minnesota, maybe one day I’ll be one of those crazy runners who run in -12 weather, but not tomorrow. Tomorrow I just hope for another 1.5 miles.